At what time can I take my room's keys?
Rooms are available from 16h.

What time should I release my room?
You must leave your room before 11am.

What to do in case of arrival after 20h?
Please let us know we will provide you the information needed.

Is bathroom linen supplied?
Bed linen and towels are provided.

Are the apartments equipped with shower or bath?
The apartments are equipped with showers.

Are the apartments equipped with dishes?
In the kitchen space, you will find dishes for 4 people.

Can I bring a pet?
Yes, it's possible, only in the insolit cabins situated on the parc. There is a supplement fee. Otherwise, we do not accept pets inside the hotel and the appartments.

Where do I eat?
We can prepare meal trays, to book in advance.
We also recommand you a list of restaurants nearby.

If I rent the reception room, charge you a corkage fee?
We do not charge any corkage fee.

Do I have to clean the reception room by releasing?
We ask for a brief clean-up, the thorough cleaning is included in the rental price.

Can I settle the eve of my evening?
Contract schedules include the installation time.

What is the limit of volume in the reception room?
The volume is electronically limited to 95 decibels.

What time should I end the evening in the reception room?
The evening must end at 4am.

Fireworks,  lanterns or balloons released are allowed?
No artifice and dropped whatsoever are allowed.

Are you open all year?
We are open all year, contact us to book a bedroom, a reception room or an activity on the park.